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Svalbard April 8 to 15, 2022

Martin Fromer

Organized by Josh Holko and with a group of 12 international photographers I have spent 7 nights on the M/S Fraya to cruise along the north-west coast of Svalbard. Finally the vessel went up to 80 degrees north. The pack ice was sometimes dense and sailing requiered serious concentration for the captain and his crew. The hull of the M/S Fraya has not the strength of an icebreaker. The conditions were winterly, sometimes with a little bit of fresh snow. But 1 question reminded: where are the polar bears? They have been seen just some days before strolling on the pack ice, even they were getting close to the Zodiaks. However during all the time that we have spent in the Fjords we could not spot 1 of them. The same happened to other vessels that sailed along the coast line during this period. That means the polar bears were occupied somewhere else! It was a huge deception, no doubt. So, remain some landscape shots to enjoy. Hopefully, next time, the chances are on my side, and I will be able to photograph the king of the arctic in his remote kingdom.

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