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Namibia - From the Air

Aktualisiert: 27. Nov. 2022

A flight with my DJI Mavik drone: 1.5 km away and 400 to 500 m high, adrenaline pure

Landscape photography from the air was an entirely new experience for me. To get new perspectives, we rented a helicopter to fly over the dunes. The helicopter had no doors, it took 3 passengers squeezed in the small machine. To shoot pictures the camera must be hold out in the air. But there are very strong turbulences mainly provoked by the rotor of the heli and they pull strong on the camera: Only attached to the seat by 1 hip seat belt and beeing forced to hold firmly the camera and having placed a second camera between my feet so that I could use a different lens if needed: it was quite an experience. Last but not least: to mention that my glasses fell off, but down to my feet and the co-passenger saw them and was able to grab them and hand them back to me. What a great experience it was in the air! I will return.

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