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Churchill, Manitoba, CND: The "Capital" of Polar Bears

Aktualisiert: 21. Dez. 2021

I have been in Churchill, Manitoba from 7th to 13th of November. Starting from Geneva the trip took 2 days. The Covid pandemic requires upfront an important amount of paperwork to comply with all the various regulations. The Canadian authorities impose very strict rules.

To see and photograph polar bears in the Churchill area is by itself not very difficult or demanding. Polar bears are protected here, as we are in the Wapusk National Parc, which has approx. 11000 square km. No road leads to Churchill, it is reached by plane from Winnipeg. The photography of polar bears is all about being there at the right time and with the right weather. Temperature above freezing means it is too warm for the bears so they prefer to sleep, to preserve energy. Temperature below freezing and strong northerly winds mean the bay of Hudson will freeze rapidly and the bears will go out on the bay to start the hunting. The Hudson Bay has for many reasons a colder climate than one would expect it concerning its latitude of 58 degrees north. But climate change had already an important impact. So, there are no arctic foxes anymore and the red fox has taken over.

We have been there just at the right time. It started to become cold and the bears became more active, scrolling along the coast, and 2 bears loved play fighting and added a lot to our excitement. In total there were not many different bears to be seen. Some were quite dirty and slim and not good subjects to be taken on picture.

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