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2020 A Year We Will Not Forget

Aktualisiert: 15. Nov. 2020

As we all remember, the Covid-19 pandemic started almost unperceived during January and February 2020 to break out in full swing during spring. Without being aware of any global health issue, I travelled at the end of January with a small group of enthusiastic landscapers guided by Adurn to the Lofoten in Norway. Unfortunate, it was quiet unusually warm during this week, and instead of freezing it was almost raining and the sky was covered mostly during night. However, at our last night, the forecast has shown a short window of a few hours during that the sky would be clear. Taking our small chance we went out to photograph and observe the famous aurora borealis. It is spectacular phenomenon.

I have only seen a small part of the Lofoten islands. The islands and the small fisher villages, the sea, the coastlines, the mountains they are all extremely photogenic and each corner has its surprises for the landscape photographer.

We have put a diaporama together and 2 pictures are represented in my new photo wildlife and landscape calendar 2021.

The new calendar 2021 can be ordered by mail..

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