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How to Order Prints

You can order prints of any of my pictures that you would like to have. Once you have selected the picture, you have to select a print shop, then the size of the print, and the finish. I recommend to use a professional print shop and high quality professional paper. Once you know the dimensions and you have selected the picture you like to have (screenshot) you must get in contact with me. I have to check that the quality of the file fits the dimension you like to have for the selected printz.I will send the file to the printshop to make sure that you get the best result. But you will pay the printshop. I will not sell you the print, I just ask you 10% as author protection fee. The final print will be send to you directly from the print shop. Any questions? Just use the contact formular and email your questions. I will be happy to work on your request so that you get the best possible result.

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