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New Calendar 2021 Ready For Shipment

Aktualisiert: 24. Nov. 2020

Despite the specific difficulties of this year, I could undertake 3 photography trips. The first in January to Lofoten island, the second in February to Japan (then Covid-19 has become definitely an issue) and the last one in September, to the Maasai Mara. However, 2 trips that have been meticulously planned, had to be cancelled due to the impossibility to enter Norway. The first one was planned to explore part of the interior of Svalbard by a private snowmobile trip during March and the later one in April to join a ship-based cruise organized by Josh Holko to sail around Svalbard.

The calendar is printed in A2 format, showing 13 large format pictures (420x594mm) printed on high quality photo paper. This makes it a truly nice X-mas gift to be enjoied during the entire year.

For price and shipment please contact me by mail, via the blog, etc

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