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Back from Uganda and Amboseli (Kenya)

I have seen only a very small part of Uganda, but I liked very much. Amazingly tropical and very friendly people. The trekking for the gorillas and for the chimpanzees is well organized. I indeed agree with the rangers by saying: come, do the trekking, bring your money that will help to protect these extraordinary, friendly and charming gorillas and the chimps: they are loud, sometimes aggressive but for sure well adapted to their environment. To get to the Kibale National Forest Park we took an 8 passenger plane. From the Kasese airstrip it is still a 3 hours jeep drive to the Kibale Forest Park. Hiking in the tropical forest is an exhausting but memorable experience. You can hire porters ansd the group of 8 clients will be escorted by an armed ranger. The food in the lodge was perfect, everything fresh. Not to forget that I had a very good time with Andrea Galli who discovered the chimps and gorillas as well. I will go back there and will organize a trip for next year. 2 people are welcome to join me.

Amboseli: this time I went on my own. Got a jeep and driver by Wild4Safaris. Elephants did not show up in big groups. So I was more concentrated on the landscape . The driver James was very kind and helpful. The Serona Lodge is perfect. The personnel very friendly a real pleasure to meet them. Almost no tourist in in the park.




And some pics from the Amboseli NP

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