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Ready for Departure

I took enough time to get my luggage ready for the 2 week vacation in Kenya with 3 full days in the Amboseli NP and about 6-7 days in the Masai Mara NP where we will stay in 2 different camps.One of them I know already. About 2 days have to be added for travelling. I am looking forward to work with Federico Veronesi who's photography I highly appreciate. In the Masai Mara we will be four clients and in the Amboseli only 2. Great opportunity.

My photo equipment is about the one that I like to take on Safaris. It's is a lot...and still what I consider to be the minimum. Think about it: 2 camera bodies, batteries, chargers, SD cards, lenses such as 24mm. 70-200 mm, 200mm, 600mm,1.6x converter, ND filter, tripod, fluid head, computer, 2 external hard drives, card reader, lens cleaners, USB cables etc., etc. Always a mixed blessing to carry it around...

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