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Monday, December 2, 2019


I have had great photo opportunities this year in Japan during February, in Svalbard in April, in Greenland Disco bay and Ilulisaat during July and in the Maasai Mara in October. In this large format calendar (A2 format, size 594 x 420 mm) I have assembled 13 pictures to provide visual pleasure throughout the year 2020 and evoke to you the beauty of our fragile nature. The prints are of high quality and the calendar can be a very personnal and surprising gift to colleagues, friends or your loved o...

Friday, January 25, 2019

One of my pictures of lionesses lying on a mound that I had the chance to shoot on an early safari drive has been selected for the weekly selection of the Africa Geographic photo competition. Many excellent and unique pictures have been submitted during this week and all of them allow a glimpse on the African wildlife.


You may go o...

Tuesday, January 22, 2019


From Jan. 31 to Febr.16 I will have the pleasure and privilege to spend again time in Japan  on a similar tour as in 2017. Therefore on the list are again the snow monkeys in the Nagano district and after flying North East to the Hokkaido insula I will photograph the popular red-crowned Japanese cranes, whooper swans, Japanese red foxes and in the bay of Rausu Steller’s Sea eagle and white-tailed eagles and the landscape Of course I am looking forward to meet real winter conditions to get some dra...