Celebrating African Elephants

https://magazine.africageographic.com/weekly/issue-226/celebrating-african-elephants/ag-mag-gallery/image/celebrating-african-elephants?mc_cid=9902ee87e8/ African Geographic has posted an online article (issue 226 ) with amazing pictures on the African elephant. So I am proud that my picture of a solitary bull covers the entry page. I am happy that I could contribute - as small as it is- to the survival of these majestic and still mysterious animals. #elephants #AmboseliNP #Award #wildlife #photography

Shoot the Wild Monthly Winner September

This picture of a walrus mother with her young on a floating ice block has been awarded monthly winner September 2018 in the International Photo Competition Shoot the Wild https://shoottheframe.com/portfolio/martin-fromer/ The picture has been shot the 28th of August, during the Svalbard Summer Expedition. It was shot from a Zodiac, allowing a low angle shot, but the composition was difficult, as the Zodiac never stands still. 2 other shots that I have submitted to the same competitions became monthly finalists. When I took the pictures I felt it was a very special meeting. I was surprised to feel the affection that mother showed to her young; I wanted absolutely to include enough of the flo

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